We'd love to automate the whole process but a machine doesn't know how hard you worked for your money

1. Talk to us

Get in touch with us and clear any queries you have with our investor relations or fund management team, we initiate the process of opening your demat and trading account with our broking partner Angel Broking

2. Account opening form

We'll send you the account opening form and help you fill it up. We'll manage all your paperwork for you!

3. Pick up your documents

The documents required are a copy of your PAN card, an address proof and a cancelled cheque. Your account is activated in 48 hours.

4. Investment Capital

You can transfer some funds into your account via NEFT/RTGS and we’re good to go. The minimim investment amount at the moment is Rs 5,00,000

5. We'll take it over from here

Our traders and researchers take it over from here. We'll invest for you while you relax. Keep your investment manager on speedial and update him about your finances.

You have complete capital control

You have complete capital control over your account. You can add or redeem funds whenever you wish to. If you wish to redeem a large portion of your investment, say for unforeseen situations, you can let us know so that we can free up funds in your account. There is no lock in period as well.

Man & Machine

We work at the intersection of human intelligence and technology. Technology helps us analyze massive data sets, build quantitative investment models and automate trade execution. On the other end of the spectrum, a long term investment partnership is all about personal relationships. We don't have a separate customer support team. You have a dedicated investment manager who's your go-to person. He or she is your personal investment banker you keep on speed dial.