1. How can we help you?

Maybe you've thought of opening a demat account and start investing or trading in the capital markets but haven't been able to because you're busy with your work, don't have the required skill-set or the technology requirements. Our team of researchers and traders manage your account for you.

2. What is the minimum investment I can start with?

The minimum we ask for is Rs 5,00,000.

3. I already have a demat account. Do I need to open another one?

Yes, you'll have to open another account with Angel Broking. But don't worry, we'll take care of all the paperwork and other hassles for you!

4. How can I redeem my investments or invest more?

You can use your client code to log into your Angel Broking account. Your bank account will be registered and connected to your demat account. Most of our investors transfer their investment capital via NEFT or RTGS.

5. Will you help me with my taxes?

Yes, absolutely! Our in-house tax consultants will help you figure out and file your tax liabilities arising out of Minance.

6. What are some of the strategies we deploy?

We use a large collection of strategies. For smaller accounts, we use a strategy called Portfolio Re-balancing, Growth Reversion, Short Volatility, Middle Fishing etc. 

7. How can I track the transactions that Minance undertakes through my account?

You have 100% trade transparency at Minance. Whenever a trade is executed from your account, an instant email notification is sent to you.

8. How do I get support?

Each Minance partner has a dedicated investment manager. He or she is your go-to person. You don't have to call a toll free number, listen to annoying music till an unprepared customer service rep picks up only to transfer your call to another clueless department. Your investment manager knows your financial goals and risk appetite and asks our traders to invest your money accordingly.

9. What is the cost of opening an account?

Your account is free for the first year. At the end of the second year, it unfortunately costs Rs 516 per annum including taxes. We're bound by compliance and regulatory requirements to charge this. We're trying to get rid of this as soon as possible. Check out the pricing page here.

10. Is algorithmic trading permitted in India?

Absolutely, here is the link SEBI circular number CIR/MRD/DP/09/2012 which lays out the board guidelines regarding algorithmic trading.