We have hard problems and we need young, very smart and energetic people to solve them. We value people who are masters of one trade instead of the jack of some; we want people with interesting hobbies and those who are loyal to our cause of bringing sophisticated investment strategies to the retail Indian investors. We're bringing together a team with deep domain expertise in quantitative finance, computer science, math & statistics and risk management. If you're interested in joining us in Bangalore to work on this and help create the future of investing, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at hello@minance.com with your resume and tell us something interesting about yourself.


Mobile developers

Full stack Android and iOS developers to help us go mobile so that our investors get a great mobile experience tracking their portfolios on the go and be updated with happening inside Minance.

Web developers

At the moment we need two full stack web developers so that our investors have a fast, seamless and secured web experience.

Compliance officer

Lawyers specializing in securities and banking regulations to make sure we comply with all SEBI and RBI regulations.


Statisticians collect market data and backtest risk management and investment models right from the blueprint stage to execution.


Our researchers hypothesise investment models and build quantitative strategies and automate them before handing it over to our computer scientists to code them down.

Risk Managers

Risk managers determine exposure levels, build value-at-risk models, stress test models, maintain liquidity risk and exposure due to leverage and events causing high volatility.


This team takes care of order execution and automation, develop investment models based on financial theory, collectable data points and test feasibility of strategies.


to analyse geo-political data points arising due to foreign policies to take long term investment decisions and access non-systematic risk

Computer Scientists

to build technology that will allow us to backtest models and run pilot tests on our investing models.

Digital Strategists

Build on top of our existing social media strategy. Manage and moderate all our online activities including advertisements and making our voice heard outside our offices.

Investor Relations

Keeping in touch with allocated investors, build CMS systems around them and soon be registered as SEBI Investment Advisors.