by bringing hedge fund like investing strategies to everyone

We’ve observed that most people don’t invest in equities, the most liquid and profitable investment avenue, because of any of these three reasons:
  • You’re too busy. You have a full time 9 to 5 job and don't have time to track the markets
  • You want to invest but lack the specific skill set. We understand that. You might be a rockstar software developer of an amazing salesman. We’re all here to excel at our work. You focus on your’s while we do what we do the best: invest.
  • We have a super smart team of engineers, mathematicians, traders, researchers and economists building investing models based on data. An average investor does not have this kind of brain power at his disposal. We do.
  • You don’t have the required software and hardware. Quantitative investing requires a lot of effort to be put into software and hardware integration. From collection data, building models, backtesting, pilot runs etc. Most people don't have that kind of firepower.
Managed Accounts

Accounts are held in your name and managed by our team of traders and researchers. You have full access to your account everytime of that day.

Angel Broking

We're partners with Angel Broking, India's largest broking house. Your demat and trading account are with Angel Broking.

Quantitative Strategies

We design and develop quantitative strategies and use them to invest your money. Quant strategies are math based and take human inefficiencies out of investing.